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As Founder & CEO of BIN-ZAID TOURS AND TRAVELS, I Have Dedicated My Career To Providing Positive Travel Experiences To Couples, Families And Groups Since 2012. With A Dedicated Team With Over 9 Years of Experience, You Can Be Assured Every Aspect Of Your Tour Will Be Handled In A Courteous And Professional Manner. We Believe Our Attention To Details Is What Sets Us Apart And Is The Driving Force Behind A Successful Tour. We Invite You To Contact Us To Learn More About The Many Advantages Of Travelling With BIN-ZAID TOURS AND TRAVELS And To Discuss Your Future Travel Needs.

Managing Director

Our Vision

Vision and objectives innovate your world

Our new transformation is the best proof of our determination and to improve intercultural communication.

Our Vision

Become a leading travel and tourism group, backed by trusted brands known for their outstanding services that help you stay the best for their customers.


Around the clock in the Arab world, where we share our rules in the Arab world.

We derive our energy from our journey to the world.

Our Values

Our values and our journey new and improved

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Focus on quality and innovation Respect our customers, our employees, our partners and the community around us Respect our commitments and promises Implement work in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our career

Our journey started under the name of Tarhaqa Travel and Tourism, and we have established a group of prominent brands that we put at the service of families, businesses, pilgrims and government officials to travel around the Arab region and the world.

A new beginning

In light of the development of the world, especially in the travel sector, we had to create a brand that expresses us better, hence the launch of “Sera”. Working with new vision and goals, we are moving towards a promising future, to share our long-standing values with the region and the world through SERA, a paradigm shift that creates new travel opportunities and builds strong relationships with the world around us.

We use a variety of trusted brands to deliver on our promises to our traveling customers by improving our performance, leveraging our expertise and innovative solutions.

Travel power

Travel inspires us, changes our personality, and brings us many new experiences. Take a look at some of the characters that have changed their lives